utorok 22. januára 2008

Beautiful Day

It looks like spring is coming! I know that it is not the end of winter but it is no nice to have some nice days in January! Yesterday I went for a hike with my friend :-) It was just GREAT! We were talking about changes in our lives - we didn´t chat like this for a year so there was a lot of things to talk about! 6 hours of walking and talking and now I feel like something big felt from my heart - I am sharing all my troubles with somebody else so they don´t seem so big! And I feel that everything is gonna be OK, all my problems will be solved! May be now it is not ideal but again I have HOPE and I feel happy! May be a bit exhausted but ´cause yesterday I reached my limit and even got through it I feel like I relieved from something...
Few days before were really bad and I really disapointed some people (and myself as well) and I said to myself that I really need to change! And this could be the beginning :-) I don´t know if it is really understandable what I wanted to say, it´s like my confession... Once again I am really sorry what I have (or haven´t) done... Life is too short for disapointing people around us!

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