nedeľa 25. mája 2008

Angry and Sad or... Sad and Angry? :-(

It is just unbelieveble how things are changing from one year to another! May it is because the radical changes are happening from one day to another, from one minute to another... Even if the things need some time for developing, the breaking feeling comes suddenly, almost unexpectedly and we know that something just has happened... It is the one particular moment in which you realize that the gate of your heart finally closed and the key locked it forever. And you do not have any will nor energy anymore to speak and solve the problem!

People are appearing in our lives suddenly and then as suddenly as they came in they leave... and we can not or sometimes do not want to do anything about it.

It´s better to believe that it should be like that and that it is better for us, better for them... If we would not believe that we would get crazy!

But it is hard! I wanna cry, I wanna shout, I need to break some glass!! But I can´t change it! Even if people don´t travel thousands of miles away they can be so far! Just because they change, just because you change... The sun rises again tomorrow, I will have my usual glass of coffee but the gate of my heart will remain closed... Where a hell is some glass?!

Človek musí mať hranicu!! Môže byť akokoľvek zvrhlý, ale ak si váži aspoň seba samého tak MUSÍ mať hranicu!
Ľudia bez hraníc sú ľudia bez sebeúcty!

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