utorok 26. februára 2008

The syndrom of a "strong woman"

That´s how I would call the situation in today´s society. We are doing everything just to be strong and not to feel anything. That´s our ideal. And my as well. And when I find that there are some senses I feel ashamed and stupid. Isn´t that strange?! But I can´t help myself! I am sorry but I am just a sensitive girl!!!
I always jump into things without thinking about coming up. But that coming up is the hardest part. That´s the slow part. Jumping is always fast, enjoyable, without thinking. The coming up is on the other hand full of thinking, pain and it´s so so so slow! I hate the expression that everything needs some time. It´s so truly!
On Saturday my whole world broke down into small, smaller, the smallest pieces. And now I am trying to build it up again.
Life is so unpredictable!
I wanted to say sorry. I wanted to say sorry for being a sensitive girl. But I am not feeling like saying that anymore. I like to be like this even if it´s the more difficult way. I want to love as much as I can and I want to smile every day and feel that around me are people who love me and who I can love and live for!!!!
Love more, live more, risk more...
Thank you guys. I am so happy to have you all around me helping me to build my world again.
Everything has some reason. My world broke down to be build up once again better, stronger, nicer, more sensitive. I hope this task will be fullfiled succesfully.

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