štvrtok 20. decembra 2007

Merry Christmas

I was so looking forward for yesterday that it couldn´t be as I imagined it. I had the last exam before Christmas and then we went for Christmas shopping with my classmate. It would be great if there wasn´t her friend... I am tolerant, I don´t mind if anybody has different lifestyle and don´t like things which I do but... this is too much. If somebody criticizes me because she doesn´t like my hair, clothes... and it seems that this person stopped on the level of children in their teens (like: how many points did you get? Oh I am better!) and is sure that she is the best even if everybody around knows that she isn´t! People like this can really bother me and I am sorry but I really can´t cope with them!!
Yeah Merry Christmas!
So I decided to go shopping on my own. And I really enjoyed it. I bought great presents in my favourite ethno shop and I can´t wait to give them to my sister and my mum!!
And today I finally came home for Christmas:-))) Hurray!!! And I already started with tidying up :-) I don´t like it but now when I spend more time in dormitory house and I don´t have to do it every week it almost makes me happy...
I found that I didn´t pass an exam today which is pretty bad ´cause it was my last chance this year. I will have to repeat it next year. I had 82 percent but I didn´t pass it because we have to have 90 percent! Actually I am happy that I scored 82 percent! (the paradox is that I had the biggest score when I was sure I will fail and I didn´t study for ir - so I wasn´t nervous!) It was exam from 2 past and 4 present tenses - all together in one test so it was really hard! I don´t think that native speakers really use all of these tenses!! But what can I do?
So once again Merry Christmas!

The most beautiful christmas present which I could get I got a few days before Christmas Eve! I wasn´t sure why am I crying - if it is ´cause of my failed exam or because I found that there is a person who haven´t forgotten (wow the present tense!) me even I thought he did! Many times I was almost sure that I am OK again and I can move on and many times I found - after seeing some photograph, video or just because of some dream that I didn´t forget about him and it will take some more time until I will be able to move on... Exactly like in these days when I was sure everything´s over but I wasn´t sure if I am happy about it... and now everything is back...
Merry Christmas!

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